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How to Make the Most of Our New Sunday Schedule

Starting this Sunday, Crestview will be making several adjustments to our Sunday schedule. Hopefully this will open many new opportunities for us to joyfully make disciples together.

The life and power of all ministry is in the prayerful, Spirit-backed speaking of the message of the Bible by one person to others. This happens a variety of ways, but most often through sermons, group studies, and person-to-person conversations.

So, what do we hope a normal Sunday will begin to look like for a Crestview member? 

Something like this:

You arrive to the church campus around 9:00 AM. Several folks from our hospitality team warmly greet you.  You head over to the fellowship hall and with a cup of hot coffee in your hand you and your wife begin chatting with an older couple.  You have seen them around, but don’t know them well. You all briefly laugh about the football game, but you purposefully try to move a bit deeper.  You ask how their week has gone and you learn the wife is having surgery in a few days. You can tell she is nervous about it.  You and your wife pray with the couple, then and there, and make a mental note to call them later in the week.  

At 9:20 you check your child into Kids Ministry and walk them to their class where their teacher signs them in.  You and your wife meet up with your small group at 9:30. After a brief welcome your group is lead through a 20-minute study of Matthew 21 that has a missional application about putting away hypocritical and hollow worship.  The group discusses this application, shares about their efforts in evangelism, and plans ways to love others. One thing is clear, this group cares about reaching others with the gospel and loving this church. You feel inspired to do the same.  You share about the wife of the older couple who is having surgery later in the week and several in the group plan to take dinner over to the couple later in the week. The group finishes by praying for one another and reminding each other to purposefully approach the rest of the morning greeting and ministering to others. 

At 10:10 your group dismisses and you pick up your child from class while your wife lingers to talk a bit longer with an newer couple.  You stop by the fellowship hall and see a fellow member with whom you have been trying to schedule lunch.  The two of you make plans to meet up the next Saturday.

At 10:25 you walk into the worship center and give careful consideration of where to sit.  You notice a guest you have not seen before.  You walk over, introduce yourself and find out his name is Caleb.  He is alone, so you and your family sit with him.  Caleb seems relieved to have someone to sit with. As the service begins you enthusiastically sing, reflect upon the prayers, and listen attentively to the sermon.  The sermon is an exposition of John 9 about Jesus healing a blind man.  After the service is closed, you ask Caleb what he thought about the message.  He shares that this is his first time in church in years and asks whether it is possible to be a Christian and still love sin. You remember having struggled with the same thing a few years back, and share your story with him.  You trade phone numbers with Caleb and invite him to come back the next week.  After showing him where to turn in his Connect card for a welcome gift, you offer to go to lunch together the next Sunday.  Caleb doesn’t commit, but he seems open to the invitation.  You and your wife make a mental note to pray for Caleb and look for him the next Sunday.  After speaking to several good friends you head to lunch with a new family who has been visiting for several weeks.

The new schedule:

9:00 AM // Coffee & Conversations in the fellowship hall (30 minutes)

9:30 AM //  Small Groups (40 minutes)

10:10 AM //  Coffee & Conversations in the fellowship hall (20 minutes)

10:30 AM //  Gathered Worship (75 minutes)

11:45 AM //   Conversations (15 minutes)

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about making the most of Sundays?  Check out the new book on the Pastor's Picks shelf this week: How to Walk into Church by Tony Payne


Post Author:  Thomas Hill