Crestview is a people formed for God’s glory by his mercy through Jesus Christ, who are proclaiming Christ with our words and displaying the validity of Christ with changed lives

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We are family

According to the Bible, a church is the people of God who have been called out from the world and adopted in His family. The church is the gathering of people who thank and praise God for rescuing them from their rebellion against Him. By joining together in this way we help encourage each other to walk in light of God's glory and His grace toward us.

Statement of Faith

Church Covenant

Constitution and Bylaws

We are Baptists

Crestview is an autonomous local church, meaning we are self-governed and self-supported. We believe that the ministry of this church is aided and multiplied with like-minded conventions and associations of churches. These affiliations provide our congregation with additional connection points for local, national, and international ministry and missions.

Southern Baptist Convention

Georgia Baptist Convention

Flint River Baptist Association

We gather every Sunday to encourage one another in Gospel truth, fellowship, sing, and hear God's Word proclaimed

Our worship service is the perfect time to meet our members and see what we value at Crestview. Each Sunday our pastors preach an expositional sermon (verse by verse) from God’s Word. This kind of preaching takes a particular text of Scripture as its subject and unpacks it word-by-word, verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, so that the meaning of the text is understood and applied. The main point of the text is the main point of the sermon. The goal of this kind of preaching is to explain the Scriptures so the Holy Spirit may use them to transform hearts and minds.

Our music is gospel-centered. We sing old and new songs that express the truth found in Scripture. We’re not characterized by a certain style or trend because our focus is simply to proclaim sound doctrine and theology through song.

We consider it an immense benefit for families to worship together - as a family. What untold blessings might flow to children as they sit next to Dad and Mom and see their parents singing, praying, studying their Bibles. We also recognize that a fidgety child can be a challenge, so during the worship service nurseries are available for children ages birth to 5 years old. 

You will find that our members wear a variety of clothing - from casual to formal. Come how you feel comfortable. Loving God and loving people is our focus, not clothing.

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To partner with parents in training, leading and equipping children with Gospel truth to sustain life-long discipleship and worship.


To prayerfully disciple the next generation of believers devoted to living out the teachings of Christ.


To help secure our Kids’ rooms we use a check-in/out system. When you arrive on our campus you will be directed to our child check-in station located next to the worship center.

All of our kids ministry volunteers are interviewed and background checked to provide the highest quality of care possible.

At our Gatherings

We offer childcare and programming for the following ages every Sunday and Wednesday.

Infants: 0-2 years

Toddlers: 2-3 years

Kids Groups: PreK-5th grade

Kids Gathering: PreK-1st grade (during the Gathered Worship Service)

Wednesdays: Programming for kids (PreK-5th grade)

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We partner with parents in the discipleship of their teenager. 

We have a mid-week student gathering on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. We also have retreats, fun outings, mission trips, and service projects throughout the year.

Equipping courses are designed to provide a variety of options to establish believers in learning and applying the Bible to daily life.
There are a variety of TRACKS that follow a quarterly schedule. Each track offers a new topic each quarter.



These courses are not age-graded (other than Kids), so you are encouraged to attend the quarterly TRACK where you will find the most benefit.
These courses meet for 40 minutes every Sunday.

Sunday mornings at 9:30am


The purpose of community groups is to foster supernatural community by providing an environment where we can know one another better, grow in the faith, and better understand what it means to be fully devoted to Christ in our lives.