Family Worship Guide: May 13-19

Families will be strengthened by developing the practice of worship in the home (couples and singles, too). This guide is a tool to equip you for this task. Parents are God's primary disciplers of their children and should adapt these family gatherings as needed to be age-appropriate. 


  • Have a consistent time and location that works for your family
  • Involve all family members
  • Keep it brief (15 minutes max)

Gathering #1 - Application of past Sunday's sermon

Read & Discuss James 1:1-18

  • How would you describe what true faith is?
  • What are some of the ways our trials and temptations test our faith?
  • How is it possible to have joy when facing trials?
  • In vss. 17-18 we see the character of God described, how does this help us endure challenges to our faith?
  • Pray together: Praise, Confess, Thank, Ask

Gathering #2 - Preparation for the coming Sunday's sermon 

Read & Discuss James 1:19-25

  • Are there any difficult words or phrases in this reading?
  • What is the main point of this text?
  • Why do you think God have given us this Scripture?
  • Pray together: Praise, Confess, Thank, Ask

Sing together this week: Adoption